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Statistics Powerpoint

You will also develop a PowerPoint presentation for the newly hired scientists on these topics, and you have been asked to provide two real-life examples that you will describe step-by-step. Your boss has asked you to include the following slides:Slide 1: Title slideSlide 2: Describes the two differences between independent and dependent samplesSlide 3: Provides an example of independent samples when testing a new drugSlide 4: Shows how to set up a hypothesis test for two independent proportions: One to test whether they are equal and another one to test whether one proportion is larger than the otherSlide 5: Shows the formula for the test statistic for two independent proportions and lists what each variable in the formula representsSlide 6: Shows the formula for the margin of error (E) when doing a confidence interval on two proportions and explains what each variable stands forSlide 7: Other than proportions, describes what other types of hypothesis tests can be done for two independent samplesSlide 8: Provides an example of dependent samples (also known as matched pairs) when testing a new drug. The two samples should be a before and after test with the same groupSlide 9: Shows the t formula for the test statistic for matched pairs and explains what each variable representsSlide 10: Show what a confidence interval for matched pairs would look like using only variables. Also, include the formula for the Margin of Error and state what each variable representsTo show the formulas above, you may need to use the following variables which you can copy from here:

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