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Extra Credit Overview:Create a program following the software development lifecycle solving a real-world problem, such as the examples in class but cannot include:A program the calculates student gradesA program that schedules classroomsA program that regulates traffic – a stop lightA program that abbreviates monthsA program which encodes a passwordA program that calculates the area of a shapeTurn in:A word document which contains the following details related to your program:Software Plan – program objectiveSoftware RequirementsSoftware DesignSoftware TestingSoftware Program.c fileThis program must be your own ORIGINAL work and follows the academic integrity polices, late extra credit receives 0 points.  Applying extra credit to your overall grade is up to the discretion of the professor but can be worth up to 3% of your overall grade.  Extra credit will be graded based on the quality of your program, originality and the details provided in your word docu

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