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Can someone help me with my assignments, quiz and discussion in Math 205 Quanitiative of Explorations in everyday life Week 4

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapter 9: Modeling Our World and Chapter 10: Modeling with Geometry in your course text, especially pages 532-3 & 536-9.For this discussion, identify three different variables from either recent news stories, the web, or that you encounter in your everyday life. Only one of the variables can be “time” as an independent variable.For inspiration, use the examples listed in the solution to Example 1 on p. 537 of the text, or the Week 4 Discussion Sample, (you must select different examples!). There should be three examples total..After you have identified three different variables, make a table of between 10 and 20 entries of data values for each of your variable pair.Then, graph your data–values, for each variable pair, and describe in words the function that relates the variables.Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. It should show all the required math work and explain all the steps. Also include a simple reference for any used resource. For example: Washington Post dated August 13, 2018 or retrieved from .

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