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Solve using excel formulas and everything

You can compare your work on those with the solutions that are in the Student Solutions manual.  You should find the Conclusion page 267 a good review of what you should have learned in this module.Quantitative AssignmentDownload and save a copy of the Excel Template File for the Assignment file found in this module to use with this assignment.Rename the file by adding your last name (for example change m04-qa.xlsx to m04-qa-roufaiel.xlsx).Assignment Problems: Use above file to solve the following problems. Note there are three worksheets in the file, one for each problem.Problem 43 – Page 268Problem 46 – Page 268Problem 52 – Page 269I attach the scan copy of the book.43-A truck must travel from New York to Los Angeles. As shown in Figure 5.44, several routes are available. The number associated with each arc is the number of gallons of fuel required by the truck to traverse the arc. Determine the route from New York to Los Angeles that uses the minimum amount of gas.46-The government is auctioning off oil leases at two sites. At each site, 150,000 acres of land are to be auctioned. Cliff Ewing, Blake Barnes, and Alexis Pickens are bid- ding for the oil. Government rules state that no bidder can receive more than 45% of the land being auctioned. Cliff has bid $2000 per acre for site 1 land and $1000 per acre for site 2 land. Blake has bid $1800 per acre for site 1 land and $1500 per acre for site 2 land.Alexis has bid $1900 per acre for site 1 land and $1300 per acre for site 2 land.a)Determine how to maximize the government’s revenue with a transportation model.b)Use SolverTable to see how changes in the government’s rule on 45% of all land being auctioned affect the optimal revenue. Why can the optimal revenue not decrease if this percentage required increases? Why can the optimal revenue not increase if this percentage required decreases?52-A company is taking bids on four construction jobs. Three contractors have placed bids on the jobs. Their bids (in thousands of dollars) are given in the file P05_52.xlsx. (A blank indicates that the contractor did not bid on the given job.) Contractor 2 can do only one job, but contractors 1 and 3 can each do up totwo jobs. Determine the minimum cost assignment of contractors to jobs.

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