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MAT 510 Week 6 Homework Assignment 5

Homework Assignment 5Due in Week 6 and worth 30 pointsThe data in below table lists country code and the order to remittance (OTR) time for hardware / software installations for the last 76 installations (from first to last). OTR is the time it takes from an order being placed until the system is installed and we receive payment (remittance). Because this company does business internationally, it also notes the country of installation using a country code. This code is listed in the first column.Country CodeCycle TimeCountry CodeCycle Time120529124640146715712681914385241151811157531723726131128131134664134529750544152132119115144711141507147291891723174167974117131366328437611721842828846718788847142462677647133595129742174155174362714426271442133753744753121748122521150119Use the date in table above and answer the following questions in the space provided below:Does the OTR time appear to be stable?  Why or why not?If you were to use a control chart to evaluate stability, which chart would you use?  Why?What can you learn about the distribution of the installation process?Does it appear that the country has an impact on installation time? Why or why not?

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