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Project 1:Write a 3  page paper in MLA format. Include at least 2 credible references (on a separate page) in MLA format. You may use your text book as one reference.Choose from one of the following:· Consider at least three of the topics covered in chapter one (inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, estimation, graphical representations, problem-solving techniques, Polya’s four steps) and how they are used in your intended field of study or major. Provide detailed, specific examples of the use of the concepts you have chosen.  Why is it important for someone in this field to know and understand these concepts?· Learn about types of erroneous reasoning (for example, “appeal to emotion,” “appeal to authority,” “circular reasoning,” “distortion of facts,” “slippery slope,” or “out-dated thinking.” Summarize your findings in your own words and provide specific examples of each type of faulty reasoning.· Consider how reasoning, both inductive and deductive, can be used to “justify” stereotyping, or profiling resulting in bias or denying rights. Report the results of your research and summarize in your own words. Provide specific examples to illustrate your points, including an explanation of how the reasoning is faulty.

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