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In your own words, explain how prime factorization is useful to find the greatest common factor and least common multiple.Describe the set of natural numbers in your own words. What is the difference between a prime number and a composite number?What are equivalent fractions? Explain how two fractions can be equivalent. Give practical examples of fractions that are equivalent. How would you teach this concept to a class?How would you teach the notion of decimal place value to a class? How are decimal numbers related to rational numbers? When is a decimal number also a rational number?REPLY TO STUDENTS POSTSBrittany postPrime factorization is the process of finding prime numbers that are multiplied together and equal the original number. Prime factorization is useful in the process of finding the greatest common factors and least common factors, because you are creating a list of prime numbers of each original number that will show you what both numbers have in common. The GCM is found once you find the common factors, you multiply the numbers together. For example, when finding the greatest common factor of 12 and 24 you list out the prime numbers multiplied to get each number. 12= 2×6 and 2×3 (which goes into 6), next we make our list for 24. 24= 2×12 2×6 and 2×3. To get GCM you’d take the prime numbers each set has in common and multiply, in this case both 12 and 24 share the set 2x2x3. Therefore, 2x2x3 will tell you that the GCM equals 12. When finding the LCM, you will once again find the numbers with common prime factors, then you take your list of factors and multiply. For example, finding the least common multiple of 4 and 9. 4= 2×2 and 9= 3×3 so in order to get the LCM you multiply 2x2x3x3 which equals 36.Chesni postPrime factorization is a way of expressing a number with its prime factors, which are numbers that are greater than one and can only be multiplied by itself and one. When trying to find the greatest common multiple (GCM) you take the prime factorization of both numbers of both numbers you’re truing to find the GCM of . You’ll then write down those factors of both, and figure out with factor they have in common, and then multiply them together. When trying to find the least common multiple (LCM) you’ll take the prime factorization of both numbers, like you did when. The you’d make a list of the smallest amount of factors to get that number.

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