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Information Governance in Textile Industry

Your   paper will include the following sections. Do not use any format other than   an attached Microsoft Word file. Use a standard font style and size. A page   in the body of your paper (other than the Cover, TOC, and References) is   equivalent to approximately 250 words. In total, the body of your paper can   range from a minimum of eight pages (2,000 words) to a maximum of 16 pages   (4.000 words). The match percentage cannot exceed 20% (highly suggested to   paraphrase sources).Cover (1   page):Include your   name, course, and date.Table of   Contents (1-2 pages):Use a   Microsoft Enabled Table of Contents feature.Background   of the Problem (1-2 pages):Describe   the problem and elaborate on any previous attempts to examine that issue.Research   Questions (1-2 pages):For the   identified problem, discuss the research questions that were posed.Methodology(-ies)   and Design(s) (2-3 pages):Discuss   the methodology(-ies) (e.g., quantitative, qualitative) and design(s) (e.g.,   case study, survey) the researchers used. Describe some of the chosen populations.Data   Analysis (2-3 pages):Discuss   some of the findings.Conclusions   (1-2 pages):Discuss   some of the conclusions.Professional   Application (1-2 pages):Discuss   the relevance of the research to your own profession and/or career.References   (1-2 pages):Include   at least five scholarly references in APA format (all these must also be   cited throughout your paper).

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