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Security Governance, Laws, and Compliance

The first product requested of you as the CCISO by the CB Drifter Technology senior staff is to detail the organization’s security governance in a document, referred to as a security program plan or security charter. This security charter, a 4-5-page MS Word document, should show how the security program aligns with the goals and governance of the organization.Paper Format:Title page (does not count towards page length requirement). Use “CB Drifter Technology Security Charter” as document title.Security visionSecurity missionSecurity scopeStrategic security objectivesSecurity responsibilitiesSecurity principlesCorporate and management commitmentEvaluate and renewal requirementsAPA References page (does not count towards the page length requirement)Your report must be written using the APA writing style. For more information on APA, please visit the APA Lab.

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