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Group Project Paper

This group project requires some creativity as well. Select an industry type, name, identity, etc. and have fun with this. As long as you’re leveraging the requirements outlined below the rest grants you free reign to have fun with this project and be creative.Your CIO pulled your team into a meeting this week to discuss the aging hardware running a critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) application service in the company datacenter. The CIO said “there’s too many options, I need your help choosing a direction to go in…” Some options discussed were upgrading the hardware on-premises or moving the ERP workload to the cloud. Some concerns around data privacy and governance were discussed because the ERP data contains sensitive and private information about employees. Given this information, your team has been tasked to draft up a solutions plan for these options.Move the workload to the cloudKeep the workload on-premisesYou’ll be required to provide a research style paper that showcases the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Showcase some of the pros and cons of each option based on your research. Be sure to capture the data privacy and governance concerns as well – This is required for this specific assignment submissionYou’ll be required to summarize your findings in a presentation style product (PowerPoint or equivalent) with the CIO (at the end of the term).You’ll be required to provide an illustration or diagram showcasing what the workload would look like on-prem vs in the cloudAn executive briefing to be presented back to the CIO summarizing the proposed plan (presentation)Research Style Paper (MLA format) capturing the requirements from the scenario chosen by students for the group project assignment

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