Hand to mouth: Living in bootstrap America discussion


Read the book, Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America and create a reaction paper according to the following criteria. The author, Linda Tirado, has some very strong opinions and beliefs about what it is like to live in poverty in the USA in the 21st century. Whether you agree or disagree with her, we would like you to think about what she says in a broader sense and consider what she is trying to explain about living in poverty. Review the questions and then write a 3-page paper (total) in response to them. These are your thoughts and responses to the book so you may write using first person narrative. For all other aspects of this paper, you will need to use APA format. 1. What are 4 central themes of the book? Provide a description of these themes with examples from the author. Explain your reactions and if you have any personal or professional experiences with each of them. 2. How do you respond to the question, “Do poor people make bad decisions because they are poor, or are they poor because they make bad decisions? 3. How does poverty look? Do we know it when we see it? Should someone who lives in poverty have a flat screen TV, smart phone, acrylic nails, tattoos or braided hair with extensions? 4. Does Tirado’s book accurately describe the lives that some people are living? Does the book contain any misrepresentations? If so, in what way? If you could rewrite the book in any way to make it more appealing to you or the public at large, how would you change it?

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