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International Marketing A click through rate is the percentage of visitors to an Internet site, homework help

  • A click through rate is the percentage of visitors to an Internet site who click on an advertisement link. Some people click on a product, but do not follow through with the purchase of the product. As the marketing manager, for an online sporting goods store, what will you do to get consumers to click on the advertising link? Briefly explain how you will encourage them to follow through with the purchase of the product.
  • A dynamically continuous innovation is one that is somewhat disruptive and requires a moderate amount of learning for consumers, such as listening to music. As the CEO of Music By SIU, briefly describe a new creative way to purchase and listen to music. Then briefly explain how you will get consumers excited about purchasing music from your company.
  • In advertising, an emotional appeal is intended to evoke an emotional response that will direct purchase behavior. Some products can easily be sold through an emotional appeal, but others would not. State a product that would not be easily sold through an emotional appeal. Then briefly explain an effective way to sell that product.
  • Briefly explain the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Provide an example of a company that effectively embraces that concept. Then briefly explain how that company uses CSR in its advertising campaigns.
  • Customers might react negatively when they find out where a product has been manufactured. Briefly explain the concept of country-of-origin effect. Then briefly provide an example of how reading a product’s label could negatively affect the sales of the product.
  • Global expansion can be tough in our marketplace today. Provide an example of a company that seems to have successfully expanded into other nations. Then briefly explain why you believe that company was successful in its global expansion efforts.
  • Differentiation is when a product is perceived as unique or superior from the products of competitors. State a product to which you are brand loyal. Then briefly explain how that product is unique or superior to its competitors.
  • Gray market goods are products that are exported from one country to another without authorization from the trademark owner. Briefly explain how gray marketing often negatively affects a company and its product offerings. Provide a specific example to help explain your answer.
  • The design of a product can be an important factor in consumer purchases. In your opinion, what is the most important factor that a company should consider when making a product design decision for an international brand? As the marketing manager for Tellie, a new brand of television, briefly describe how would you alter its design to be unique from its competitors.
  • Personal selling is a face-to-face communication between a prospective buyer and a sales representative of the company. Provide a specific example of a product that is best sold by using personal selling. Then briefly explain how it would be a challenge to sell that specific product to an global marketplace.

Type your all answer in complete sentences and in paragraphs.

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