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Big Data for Dummies, writing homework help

The following questions are based on Chapter 3, Big Data for Dummies
Question 1:
Explain how technology-enabled distributed computing underscores big data management.
Question 2:
Explain latency. What is its implication for big data management? Demand? Supply? What do you see as being current latency issues? How can technology help to alleviate them?
The following questions are based on Chapter 1, Too Big to Ignore
Question 3:
Explain how Web 2.0 has impacted data structure. How has it impacted big data management? Give some examples (not from the book) of semi and unstructured data.
Question 4:
What do you believe is the single most important source of unstructured data available to a university admission committee? Describe how you would manage it through the data management cycle.

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