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Inadequate Staffing in Nursing Home Facilities Policy Analysis

A 4-5-page policy analysis of a specific issue addressed in the course of your interest is required. I.e. Healthcare reform, Medicare funding, Social determinates of Health, Healthcare financing etc.

  • The paper should be a policy analysis rather than a review, research or survey paper.
  • You must take a position in the analysis is this Policy good or not and state why or why not.
    • Separate your Title on a separate page at top center of your page
  • Formatting:
    • You must cite 2-4 references/resources through your readings and original research that support your position.
    • Please use Times New Roman, font, size 12 – Please double spacing, and no images this is an original analysis thought piece.
    • Place numbers on the bottom right of your pages
    • Please use APA Formatting here is an excellent resource on APA Formatting from Purdue
    • No less than 4 pages and no more than 5 pages. (Title and reference pages are NOT included in the page count)
    • Please double space your paper

sections/sub-titles of the paper must include

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • What is the issue? Present the problem or issue in the health care system
  • Background: What is the current policy environment
    • What regulations, laws or legislation are in place or propoed?
    • Describe the issue from your perspective
    • Propose a solution or improvements
    • Draw a conclusion based upon your original analysis
  • Analysis: What is good or not good and why? How does or will this impact patients?
  • Potential solutions to this issue (grounded in the literature as a reference) this is your recommendation
  • Conclusion – What did you learn?
  • References(please use APA format)
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