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Journal 3Based upon the assigned readings and presentations, you will answer all questions using current APA formatting (Times New Roman, 12- point font, and double spaced). All answers must be compiled in a Word document. Citations from the assigned reading are required in answering the questions. The written assignments must include at least one reference(s) in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. Each answer must be comprehensive, with sport related current examples. Each question must be answered with 400–500 words. Select 4 of the following questions to answer. Critical thinking must be demonstrated in each answered question.From the perspective of an interactionist theorist, given that sports administrators and leaders have been unable to solve the problem and reverse the troubling trends at the games of taunting, insults and intimidation of players, what actions could be taken by the athletes themselves? Suggest possible solutions from an interactionalist point of view.In order to make pursuit of the Olympic dram more accessible, should the US government provide a significant amount of training funds for qualified Athletes, Should the funds be awarded on the basis of financial need, athletic merit or a combination of the two?Should that the United States reconsider its approach to combining scholastic education with athletics? If that approach is continued will doing so eventually affect the economic wealth fare of the United States?What are the advantages being a student-athlete at the primary or secondary level?Should college coaches be evaluated and compensated in terms of educational goals (teaching performance) or commercial objectives (wins and losses, money taken at the gate, or publicity accorded to the team or institution)?Are the NCAA rules of eligibility and opportunity to play racially discriminatory?Should students who are not progressing acceptably in academics be barred from high school athletic competition?

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