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Module 5 DiscussionNo unread replies.No replies.PrerequisitesFor this discussion, you will first need to read Sensation and Perception, Chapter 5 and watch this module’s lecture.Posting InstructionsIn this chapter we will learn about object recognition and how what seems very easy for us is actually a very complex process. We will also learn about how/why its so difficult to develop a computer to recognize objects.For this module’s post you will first need to discuss three reasons why object perception is difficult for computer vision using research to support your claims. Second, lets imagine that we have solved all the problems and developed a computer that works just as well as our brain in regards to recognizing objects.Now, I want you to propose three areas where these “super object recognition” computers could be useful to our lives (and self-driving cars or any other examples in the book are off limits). Make sure you explain how this will help our lives and have fun with this! Get creative.To Receive Full CreditYour post should by no less than 200 words and no more than 500.Be concise, use proper sentence structure, grammar, etc.Discussion RubricMinimum length reached without using “fluff words” (1)Discusses 3 reasons why object perception is difficult for computer vision and uses research to support your claim (4)Proposed 3 areas that these “super computers” could be useful to our lives and explained how it will be helpful (4)Proper sentence structure and grammar (1)

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