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Topic of the Final PaperStudent will choose a topic of interest in the domain of Health Care Ethics. For the purposes of this paper, it is advised that students choose a topic that has been the cause of an ongoing debate.  Using the resources from the NSU Electronic Library (all academic resources, no websites such as Wikipedia.org, etc) and class resources , the student will develop a 10 page paper presenting the history of the topic, in depth description of the problems arising within the topic, arguments pro and cons, current state of the debate, and will conclude with a personal informed opinion.  A minimum of 10 sources must be used for this paper, regardless of page #’s written.The following topics are NOT allowed for the final paper:Abortion, Stem Cell Research, and Physician Assisted Suicide.Google ‘health care ethics debates’ to give you some topic ideas.Use APA style writing standards for composition and references. Double-spaced. Use a word processor and be sure to save the paper in MICROSOFT WORD.There are three basic assumptions that should be met for the successful completion of a good paper. First, the student must possess the intellectual ability, curiosity and investment in the topic. If you do not choose a topic that interest you,  you will find yourself getting disheartened and bored and the quality of your paper will suffer.Second, resources should be available for completing your paper. Use the NSU electronic library, and other internet resources.Third, the topic should be relevant to the field of health care ethics.Guidelines for PaperThe written paper is to be prepared in accordance with the following guidelines:1. Components: The paper should contain all of the following components:i.    title,ii.   author,iii.  introduction,v.  brief analysis of the current literature,vii. discussion,x.  and bibliographic references.Manuscript Preparation: The manuscript shall be typewritten double-spaced  with 1″ margins on all four sides. The pages are to be numbered consecutively, beginning with the first page of text. The font for the type should be no larger than 12 point and in Times New Roman font style.Text Requirements: The cover page should contain the title and author’s names.  The main text should begin on a separate page

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