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Project  – Multiple Regression Analysis – Using SPSS  – OutlineThe data set shows Sales Price, Area, Number of Rooms, Number of Bedroom, Age and River Viewof 63 single family homes.  Sales Price is in thousands and River View indicates whether a home has theview of river or not. A home with the river view is code as 1 and with no view is given by 0.Using a random sample of 30 to 35 homes conduct three multiple regression analyses: (1) multiplelinear regression with the quantitative variables, (2) multiple linear regression both quantitativequalitative variables, and (3) multiple regression with interaction.The steps for the analysis are give below:Step 1Select a sample of 30 to 35 random homes from the data set.  You can do it manually.Provide the following:Step 21.     Specify the regression models.2.     Explain your regression models in your own words. There are three of them: multiple linear regression with all quantitative variables,  multiple linear regression with all the quantitative variables and dummy variable, and multiple linear regression with the quantitative variables and interaction effect.3.     Explain the basic assumptions in regression model in your words.4.     Identify the independent and dependent variables.5.     Explain the nature of the variables.Step 36.     Find the descriptive statistic of all the variables.7.     Generate appropriate charts each variable (pie, bar charts, histogram, box plots, stem-and-leaf, and QQ plot).8.     Interpret the major findings (in tasks# 6 and #7).Step 49.     Conduct the correlation analysis with the software.10.  Explain the findings of correlation analysis.11.  Generate scatter plots with the quantitative variables.12.  Explain the outputs of scatter plots.Step 513.   Conduct the following multiple regression analyses with the software (SPSS):a.     Linear regression analysis with the quantitative variablesi.     Explain the findings of your regression analysisii.     Conduct one forecast for a set of independent variables and find the residualiii.     Conduct hypothesis testing for the slope of an independent variableiv.     Conduct interval estimate for the slope of an independent variableb.     Linear regression analysis with all the six variables which includes the dummy variablei.     Explain the findings of your regression analysis with the dummy variablec.     Linear regression analysis all the quantitative variables and an interaction of two independent variables.i.     Explain the findings of your regression analysis with the interaction effect.Step 614.  Draw conclusions from your analyses.Step 715.  Write a report with all the findings, following the format given below.Report FormatTitle Page (with your name, Course#, date)I. Introduction. (Also include a brief narrative of the case)II. Methodology (including Step 2 tasks)III. Descriptive Statistics and Graph (including Step 3 tasks)IV. Correlation Analysis (including Step 4 tasks)V.  Regression Analysis (including Step 5 tasks)VI. Conclusions (including Step 6 tasks)

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