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Survival Guide for Leaders, Heiftez & Linsky, 2002In so much as sport management is the application of business principles to the sport industry, it is beneficial for the student to examine literature that is outside of sport and identify ways to make application of those principles within the sport context. This is the case with Heifetz & Linsky’s article Survival Guide for Leaders (Heifetz & Linsky, 2002). In this article the student will learn about the external pressures and the internal pressures that leaders must manage in order to survive in these important positions.Summarize the main points of the article.· “The ‘survival guide’ has two main parts. The first looks outward, offering tactical advice about relating to your organization and the people in it. It is designed to protect you from those people trying to push you aside before you complete your initiative (p. 3).”o Identify and describe the four (4) pieces of tactical advice given by the authors.· “The second [part] looks inward, focusing on your own human needs and vulnerabilities. It is designed to keep you from bringing yourself down. (p. 3)”o Identify and describe these two (2) pieces of advice given by the authors.Analyze the main points of the article and discuss their application to the manager/leader in the sport context.· Why do leaders fail to get off the dance floor and on to the balcony?· One of my first acts as a head volleyball coach was to cut a walk-on who was not “good enough.” Why was that an important decision/act for me and for my team?· Describe a situation where you have seen someone turn up the heat to produce a productive range of stress? Was it effective? Why or why not?· If leaders are supposed to be problem solvers, why should they let (demand, expect) others solve organizational problems?· How can someone be a leader if they should restrain their desire for control and their need for importance?· How do the authors recommend anchoring yourself? Which of these is the most important, why?· How do (should) we as Christians anchor ourselves?Conclusion· If leadership brings with it these kinds of challenges, why do people still choose to be leaders?· What are your key take-aways from the article?· How do the concepts presented in the article complement (align with) or contract your Biblical world view?Your assignment must be completed based on the following criteria:· At least 3 pages;· 1-inch margins;· Double-spaced;· 12-point, Times New Roman font;· A reference page in APA format with the article citation and any other sources used in the assignment; and· Clear biblical integrationInclude a title on the top line of the first page, and include your name. No other identifying information is needed.

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