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wk 2 disc.

Answer the following questions as if you’re having a conversation.What do you most look forward to in your new role as an NP? I look forward to learning something something new within my specific specialty as a mental health nurse practitioner. I’ve worked in a psych unit for a short amount a time and I see psych patients now in the ER but learning to transition from  thinking like a floor RN to an advanced practice nurse is something i look forward to.What concerns do you have about transitioning to the role? My biggest concern is learning to think beyond a floor nurse and critically think on an advanced practice nurse level. please elaborateDid anything about the APN roles surprise you? The different transitional roles for APN does not really surprise me. Each transition in my opinion is to be expected especially during the first few years during the identity loss phase.feel free to elaborate. Please make sure it’s a full 2 paragraphs, free of grammatical errors

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